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Handouts, Forms & Flyers

Below is our collection of handouts, flyers and forms we share with our parents and community. These documents are organized within categories (or folders). At the left, click on any category title to view the documents inside. Keep your eye to the right for these document lists. Click any document title to download, review and print.

Folder Athletics


Folder Schedules


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pdf CDC Concussion Recovery Information ( pdf, 239 KB ) (1466 downloads) Popular
pdf Concussion Cardiac Arrest Paperwork ( pdf, 695 KB ) (1760 downloads) Popular
pdf IHSAA Concussion Guidelines ( pdf, 139 KB ) (1167 downloads) Popular
pdf IHSAA Consent and Release Certificate ( pdf, 994 KB ) (1896 downloads) Popular
pdf Medical Consent Form ( pdf, 34 KB ) (4624 downloads) Popular
pdf Reid Health Concussion Information ( pdf, 3.25 MB ) (2174 downloads) Popular
pdf Reid Sports Medicine Consent ( pdf, 219 KB ) (2015 downloads) Popular
pdf RS Athletic/Coach Handbook 2024-2025 ( pdf, 146 KB ) (8 downloads) New
pdf RS Athletic/Parent Handbook 2024-2025 ( pdf, 166 KB ) (8 downloads) New
pdf Transportation Waiver ( pdf, 21 KB ) (4102 downloads) Popular