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Students of the Month

October Students of the Month 

Gannon Whitesel has been selected as the Randolph Southern’s Senior Class student of the month for October. Gannon is preparing for his future by attending the Richmond career center in the mornings and then returning to Southern to fulfill is high school required classes. Gannon is currently at the top of his government class and is always willing to help other students when needed. After high school Gannon plans to continue his education, which will help him to return to Randolph country to work on his family’s farm. Selected by Ms. Tammy Clements

Denise Campbell has been selected as the Randolph Southern Junior class student of the month for October.  Denise always works hard in class, has a great attitude, and knows when to ask for help. Denise plays basketball and has ran track in the past.  After she graduates from high school she would like to go to college for either nursing or something in the science field. Keep working hard and you’ll do absolutely great things in life. Selected by Mrs. Penny Ashbaugh

Libby Dalzell has been chosen as the October student of the month of tenth grade. Libby always comes to class with a positive attitude and ready to work. Libby is never afraid to ask questions or get involved in class, and consistently puts forth her best effort. She is also always going above and beyond to make sure she is doing the best she can in whatever we are working on. Keep up the great work Libby! Selected by: Mrs. Shianna Fry

I nominated Ashlyn Longfellow for the freshman student of the month because of her work ethic and willingness to learn more about Screen Printing. She is always ready to step in and help. For the first nine weeks Ashlyn had a A+ (98.9%) in Graphic Imaging. She strives to do her best and is always focused on her academics. I’m glad she is a part of my classroom and I know she will continue to be a great student.    Selected by Mr. Jerimy Stephan

Faith Thurman has been chosen as October’s Eighth Grade Student of the Month. Faith has worked diligently to not only make each of her projects her best work but has consistently pushed to raise that bar. Faith explores options, seeking to conceptually expand beyond the requirements of her assignments resulting in work that expresses her individuality. She seeks to achieve the best possible product through conscientious use of materials and consistent care for the art objects she is making, all while providing useful, constructive criticism and encouragement for her classmates. Faith has Interests in reading, drawing, writing and listening to a broadly varied range of musicianship. I look forward to what Faith will be able to accomplish throughout her high school years. Selected by Justin Walker

Brayleigh Price is Randolph Southern’s 7th grade student of the month for October. Brayleigh is a wonderful student and has been a delight to have in class. She works hard, is very respectful, and is willing to ask questions if she doesn’t understand the concept. In her free time Brayleigh likes duct tape crafts, hanging with friends, and shopping. For the future, Brayleigh plans to attend Indiana University to become a cardiothoracic surgeon. Keep up the good work Brayleigh! Selected by Nicholas Miller

September Students of the Month 

Natasha Hopkins
has been selected as the Randolph Southern senior student of the month for September.  Natasha is approaching her senior year with an excellent attitude. She has been very motivated to learn this year.  She comes to class prepared everyday and gets straight to work. Natasha asks questions when needed and does an excellent job staying on task.  This attitude and work ethic will serve her well after high school. Keep working hard Natasha!
Selected by Mr. John Lash

Leah Keesling has been selected as Randolph Southern’s junior class student of the month for September. Leah has always exceeded expectations in her academics. She is currently first in her class with a 4.2 GPA, all while she is very involved in extracurricular activities. Leah is the President of Fellowship of Christian Athletes and the Secretary of FFA. She is also involved in Student Council, Spirit Club, Prom Committee, Foreign Language Club, and SADD club. Leah also is athletic, participating in cross-country and track, in which she qualified for the state competition for the last two years. Leah exemplifies an exceptional student citizen and I’m glad to have her in class. Keep up the great work Leah!
Selected by Mr. Jared Govin

Cameron Pitman has been selected by Mr. Pike as the Sophomore student of the month. Cameron has made amazing progress as a musician and leader at Randolph Southern. He is always ready and willing to volunteer his time and effort to make the music department successful. He has played the tuba for years, but has recently started branching out into baritone and bass guitar. I couldn’t be more proud of his progress and look forward to seeing him develop as a musician and person during the rest of his time at RS. Keep up the awesome work, Cameron!
Selected by Mr. Jordan Pike

Colleen Ledbetter has been selected as the Randolph Southern freshman student of the month for September. Colleen’s positive disposition towards Spanish has been refreshing. I’m very proud of the progress I have seen thus far and I know she has great potential. She works hard in class to get her work finished and finished correctly. I can count on her to participate in class and give us a good laugh when needed! Outside of class, Colleen stays busy and plays volleyball and basketball. Keep up the great work and positive attitude, Colleen! It’s going to be a great year!
Selected by Mrs. Randi Durbin

Jacy Owens has been selected as Randolph Southern’s eighth grade student of the month for September.  Jacy is a gentle and caring young lady. She comes to class ready everyday and always has a smile for me.  She is a hard worker and fun to have in class. She cheers on her classmates as a cheerleader and loves to read.  She would like to open a dog kennel after she is out of school. Her gentleness will work well with the dogs that she will take care of.  Keep up the great work Jacy!!
Selected by Mrs. Kay Brown

Alyssa Allen
has been selected as Randolph Southern’s seventh grade student of the month for September.  Alyssa is always pleasant to have in class because she brings her sense of humor and competitive spirit with her every day.  Alyssa is on the girls volleyball, basketball and cross country teams at Randolph Southern. She also likes playing softball and is contemplating track in the spring.  Alyssa would like to go to college after her high school career for something to do with her main love….horses. If you can’t find Alyssa on the court, track or diamond, she’s with her horses.  Keep up the great work Alyssa!
Selected by Mr.Curtis Deckard

August Students of the Month

Dwight Ledbetter has been chosen as Randolph Southern’s senior student of the month for August. Dwight has shown tremendous effort in his school work to start off his senior year. While he attends school in the morning, the past two years he has attended vocational school in the afternoons. Last year he attended vocational school to be an auto technician, and this year that work has paid off as he does a co-op and works at John Deere as a mechanic and Ag technician. After high school Dwight plans to continue working at John Deere  and continue his education in Toledo, Ohio with an intern program through work. Keep up the great work ethic Dwight!
Selected by Mrs. Brittany Cash

Josh Good has been selected as Randolph Southern’s junior student of the month for August. Academically, Josh has challenged himself in honors courses across the board, and he excels in all of them. He is also involved in sports and clubs. Josh is currently the number one singles tennis player for the Rebels. He also serves his school community through student council. Although he is extremely busy with a challenging academic schedule and with extracurricular activities, he always finds time to enjoy a great book. His future is sure to be  successful. Have a great year, Josh!
Selected by Mrs. Sarah Reed

Olivia Thurston has been selected as Randolph Southern’s sophomore student of the month for August. Olivia is a truly unique individual who has a quick wit that is always welcomed in the classroom. Olivia displays a vast array of talents and interests outside of the classroom. She is a member of the softball team as well as the girls golf team. She is also a member of both the art club and the book club at Randolph Southern. With an interest in historical and cultural studies and channeling her inner Indiana Jones, Olivia aspires to be an archaeologist following her completion of high school.
Selected by Mr. Cody Spillers

Bishop McDavid has been chosen as the Randolph Southern freshman student of the month.  Bishop returns to Randolph Southern after finishing last school year in Kansas, and we are glad to have him back. He is so full of energy, and he is off to a great start this school year. During the school day he can be seen joking around with Mr. Pruitt. In his free time, Bishop likes to play Fortnite and soccer. When Bishop graduates from high school he wants to become a cop. Keep up the great work Bishop!
Selected by Miss Lauren Day

Gracie Isenbarger has been chosen as the Randolph Southern eighth grade student of the month. Gracie describes herself as “not afraid to do anything, no matter how challenging.” She stays busy both in and out of the classroom, and has participated in archery, volleyball, softball, and basketball. She also enjoys horseback riding and caring for her many, many pets. Because of her love for animals (especially horses), Gracie hopes to pursue a career in veterinary technology following high school graduation.
Selected by Mrs. Marlene Reedy

Mason Wolfal has been selected as the Randolph Southern seventh grade student of the month. Mason started the year having a lot of trouble with his locker.  His perseverance paid off and he can now open his locker with no problem. He is kind and helpful to all his peers. Mason enjoys playing video games and helping his younger siblings with homework. He wants to go to college when he graduates high school.  Mason is currently deciding between the future careers of being an actor or an astronaut.
Selected by Mrs. Chelsea Pruitt