RS Student Council

Student Council is a club for involved and active students to express their ideas about how they would like the school to operate and how the student body can get more involved in the school. They include the class officers and any members who were voted in.
Advisor: Mrs. Clements
President: Tess Wise, Senior
Vice President: Morgan Acton, Senior
Secretary: Morgan Gibson, Senior
Treasurer: Morgan Retter, Junior
        Right Now
 HOMECOMING! This year’s homecoming theme is cities. The following list explains which grade is doing what city and their color for this 2014-15 year:

Seniors: Las Vegas, Black

Juniors: New Orleans, Orange

Sophomores: Paris, Gray

Freshman: L.A. (Hollywood), Red

8th grade: New York, Blue

7th grade: Egypt, Yellow
7th Grade
           Shelby Jeffers
           Dallas Childers
           Colton Fisher
           Jordan Saylor
            Ethan Haines
     8th Grade
          Abigail Alka
        Pamela Anderson
        Kenzie Chenoweth
            Kyle Allen
          Ashton Hooker
            Mary Parret
            Zoe Fisher
            Ally Saylor
        Makenzie Phenis
        Brooklyn Cowen
          Logan Jeffers
       Hannah Ridgeway
         Montana Davis
        Morgan Stephan
           Brook Bowen
        Elizabeth Deckard
         Kennedy Kramer
          Raven Moore
            Levi Knoll
         Zoe Robinson
     Cameron Whitesel
      Mackenzie Younger
         Keirsten Allen
          Logan Saylor
         Morgan Retter
       Mackenzie Bales
      Brendall Schweizer
          Alexis Hurda
          Garret Alka
          Morgan Gibson
           Morgan Acton
             Tess Wise
           Sharon Smith
           Ashlee Surber
            Kylee Knotts

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