National Honor Society



         Sponsor: Mrs. Meyers
National Honor Society and National Junior Honor Society is a club for students who have a great GPA and who are involved with the school, community, and volunteers. To be in Honor Society, you will have to receive a letter and fill out applications. Only a handful are selected. National Junior Honor Society is a
 Jordon Saylor
Milan Garler   8
for Jr. High and National Honor Society is a club for 10th, 11th, and 12th graders, although both clubs meet together on a regular basis.

Senior Honor Society

Members Grade    
Morgan Gibson 12
Tess Wise 12
Alexx Retter 12
Katrina Andrews 12
Brandi Bresher 12
Molly O'Connor 11
Garret Alka 11
Mackenzie Bales 11
Sharon Smith 12

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                                             Jr. Honor Society
Members Grade    
Kalee Hayes 8
Shelby Jeffers 8
Josh Good 8
Ethan Haines 8
Colton Fisher 8

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